Bike tour

Today we went on a bike tour of Siam Reap. We saw lots of animals like chickens, dogs and cows. We went to a rice farm and got fanta. Then biked on the street back to the tour center which was crazy. 

bike trip

today we went on a bike tour around the countryside. before we left the city, we got to try some new foods at the market, and then we were off. on the road we saw several cows, who couldn’t have cared less that we…


Today we went to Angkor Wat. Angkor wat is a huge temple built about 800 years ago and is still standing witch is amazing. inside the temple I climed up a vine witch was fun. We saw lots of dogs lying around in the…

temples -from the voice of Rosa diaz

This paragraph was based off of a character from a tv show (Rosa Diaz – Brooklyn 99). it does not express the views and opinions of the author. we saw some temples today. it was dope. we saw some carvings that must of taken…

Temples again

<Cole is exploring writing in the voice of Terry from a tv show called Brooklyn 99.> Today we went to a temple called Angkor wat and a temple called ta prom. It was so hot. The sun is dumb. We also swam in the…

Day 7: Angkor Wat and Ta Prohm

“The world is a book and those who do not travel see only one page” St. Augustine

Day 6: Angkor

“There are seven days in a week, and someday isn’t one of them” Today was a day that I’m sure none of us will soon forget. We took our hotel’s “Magical Full Day Adventure” which meant we had a guide for our first day…

Cambodia day two

Today we went to some awesome temples. We went to two this morning, and we are going to two more this afternoon. The temples were really amazing because almost every inch of them was covered in super detailed carvings in the stone. It was…

Angkor Thom

Today we went to Angkor thom. It was a huge city with big temples and walls. It had a moat that went all the way around it. Almost all of the stone walls had detailed pictures drawn on them. It was really cool.


Today  we went to 2 temples so far.We are going to go to 2 more. Also again I played in the pool for a really long time.