Today we went to the Bangkok aquarium. At the aquarium we went through a tunnel through a shark tank and went on a glass floor above a shark tank. In the river we saw this lizard and a cool bird.


Today we went to the big Buddha. It was big. Then we swam for the rest of the day. We had room service for dinner because mom and dad are outside. Now we are playing video games.

Scuba diving

Today I got to go scuba diving in the pool. It was cool. I forgot about lunch and was really hungry for the rest of the day. Then we went on a small hike.


Yesterday we went canoeing in caves. It took almost the whole day driving and riding a boat in the ocean until we got there. We canoed through the caves but only the guide paddled which  was weird. We got through the cave and there…


  Today we went to the Phuket elephant sanctuary for old and hurt elephants. At the very start of the day they showed us a video about how elephants are trained and it was very sad.  The elephants were chained to trees so that…

The flight

Yesterday we flew from Cambodia to Bangkok in Thailand then to Phuket in Thailand. When we got there we went to a taxi and went to the resort. Today we swam in the ocean. I got flipped by a big wave and hurt my…

Bike tour

Today we went on a bike tour of Siam Reap. We saw lots of animals like chickens, dogs and cows. We went to a rice farm and got fanta. Then biked on the street back to the tour center which was crazy. 


Today we went to Angkor Wat. Angkor wat is a huge temple built about 800 years ago and is still standing witch is amazing. inside the temple I climed up a vine witch was fun. We saw lots of dogs lying around in the…

Angkor Thom

Today we went to Angkor thom. It was a huge city with big temples and walls. It had a moat that went all the way around it. Almost all of the stone walls had detailed pictures drawn on them. It was really cool.

Tuk Tuk

Today we went to the market to get lunch. I got fried noodles and spring rolls that were very good. On the way back to the hotel we took a weird motorcycle thing called a tuk tuk. It was cool.