Adventure park

What is an Excerpt?


Today we went on a hike to the top of a mountain. Every year on this mountain a huge fire is lit to look like a Chinese symbol to help spirits of your ancestors go back to the world of the dead. It was…


Today we went to a Mazda factory. We saw big robots put the cars together. After we went to the memorial for the victims of the nuclear bomb in Hiroshima. Then we went to a castle that was rebuilt and turned into a museum….


Today we went for a hike. To get there we took a train and a bus. On the way I saw lots of rice fields. When we got there first we went to a restaurant that was  over a river. On the hike I…

Ready player one

Today we went to ready player one in the theatres. Its about a video game called the oasis. It was a good movie. Tomorrow we are going to go on a hike. We didn’t  do very much today because we are tired. Im building…

Temples 2

Today we went to a Shinto shrine and a zen Buddhist temple. We went through a tunnel that had 1001 statues and a tunnel made out of gates that had 10 000 gates each one donated by buisinesses for good luck. They sold lots of…


Today we went to a meiji shrine and a sensoji temple. They were very big. We went to statue of Hachiko. Hachiko was a dog who could tell what time it was. Every day he walked around the city and at the same time…


Today we went` to the Tokyo  zoo. I saw pandas, polar bears, a tiger, a black bear, otters, sea lions, seals, humans, birds, monkeys, gorillas,  elephants and a squirrel. It rained for the whole time but it was still fun. We were going to…


Today we went to a museum and a temple. The temple was very big. The museum had chariot things that were painted gold. It said it took 216 people to pull. This is a picture of the temple.

Floating Market

Today we went to a floating market.  We went there in a boat. I ate fried bananas that were fried in sugar.  I held a big snake. The we went to a restaurant and got something really spicy so we got something else.