Today we went biking again and we went in the forest. I was on a trail-a-bike behind my dad in the city and I almost fell off! But I am ok.

We saw a monitor lizard. It looks a lot like a tiny Komodo dragon. We also fed some fish. There were fish everywhere but they were all underwater so you couldn’t see them until you put food in the water.

Our guide was named Kan. He was nice. He wasn’t bossy. At the end we went to a coffee shop that had cake, and I got a piece of cake! It was chocolate and it was good.

So far I think that Thailand and Cambodia are really different. Thailand has a lot of big buildings and Cambodia had littler houses.

The houses here most of them are connected or really close together. Some of the walls are made of metal.

That’s it for today. (mom typed today)



2 Comments on “BIKE 2

  1. Hi Cole, thanks for keeping up your blog as Grandpa Murray and I love to hear what you are thinking about. You always tell us so ething different and interesting. Sounds like you had a scar6 ride behind your Dad today. Glad to hear you got some cake at the end.
    Love, Grandma M.J.

    • Hi Grandma!

      The bike ride was really fun and we fed fish! It wasn’t as scary as what I did today!!!!!!!!!

      Love Cole