bike trip

today we went on a bike tour around the countryside. before we left the city, we got to try some new foods at the market, and then we were off. on the road we saw several cows, who couldn’t have cared less that we were biking right next to them. we saw some of the local farms, and we saw how they grow rice. the bike tour was for half of the day, and then we had lunch at a restaurant called cham pei, which is the same place that we had lunch on our first day in Cambodia. 

3 Comments on “bike trip

  1. You are all such creative bloggers! Thanks for the detailed photos and descriptive words.

  2. thank you so much for reading our blog! it’s pretty crazy here. now that we are in thailand i wonder if it will be similar to cambodia

  3. Bikes, tuk tuks, temples, rice, monkeys drinking beer – it all sounds amazing. Really nice to read your blog and hear about your amazing adventures. Keep on writing.