Day 21: Grasshopper Tour of Bangkok’s Lung

”You’re only one mountain bike ride away from a good mood.”

Bangkok has a large green peninsula they refer to as the lung of the city, and today we went for a biking tour through it with Grasshopper tours (the same company we went on a bike tour with in Cambodia).

We had a great day with Kan as our fearless guide. There were a few hairy moments with Derek on the trail-a-bike with Cole on the pathways – many of which are 1.5 m high concrete pathways with no railings on either side.

You are fine, until you meet someone going the other way. Or, until you hit three 90 degree turns in a row.

Kan told us quite a bit about Thai food and culture, and why the Hindu gods are often shown near the Buddha. He explained to us how intonation is very important in the Thai language, to the point that the word “ah” has 5 totally different meanings depending on your tone! We enjoyed him very much as a guide.

We fed fish, fed cows who had been saved from slaughter by some locals who then try to raise enough money to feed them Andy share them out to the community.

We also had a snack at a house on the side of the road. It was such a chaotic looking house to me … especially given that you can drive your scooter right into the kitchen! But that made sense as the homeowner was cooking for the markets so needed to be able to easily transport her goods from her kitchen.

The views were beautiful, and it was nice to get some exercise as I have been really over-eating! Also, it wasn’t 46 degrees, so that made it good.