Day 24: Shrines

“If you look like your passport picture, maybe you really need a trip”

Did you know? You can buy a bottle of sweat in almost every vending machine in Tokyo… yum!

Did you know? The 11 under the person (in the cross walk sign) does not mean you have 11 seconds until it’s your turn to get across the street – they are 2 lines which count down, and then it’s your turn….

Did you know? Cole really likes hotel slippers!

Did you know? The story of Hakari the dog? If not, read the kids’ blog posts 🙂

Did you know? It’s common in Japan for restaurants to display the menu options in the front window so you can see what you want to eat. But the ones in the window are almost always plastic recreations!

Did you know? At a shrine, you can draw a written fortune as follows:

Ours was:

Did you know? Sometimes, when you’re looking for a taste of home, and find a sign like this, and think they might have something familiar, you may be wrong – and it actually may have a lot of Japanese food (!)

Did you know? There are a lot of places to shop in Tokyo?

& that each year the Japanese sake producers bring many barrels of sake to a special shrine in Tokyo to honour their deities the former emperor and empress?

& that the French send over some wine from the Bourgogne as well?

Here are some pics of what we found: