Today we went for a hike in the forest.

At the start of the hike, it was really steep, and there were stairs going up, just like the Grouse grind. The Grouse grind was a hike that me, my uncle, my dad, and my brother did in Vancouver. The hike that we did today was shorter. When we got to the top of the mountain today, we saw a temple. Going down the mountain there were lots more temples. To get home from the hike we took the train. We got on the wrong train twice because every thing is in Japanese. (unsurprising, we are in Japan) Eventually we got back to the hotel. Technically we are actually staying in an apartment, but it really just a hotel. What’s the difference anyways?

The temples that we passed on the hike were Shinto, and all of them had a place where you you bang a loud bell, and then make a wish. At all of the temples exept one, you had to pay a coin to make a wish, but the biggest one was free. We banged the biggest bell, and it echoed all over the forest.

Today was very fun, here are some pictures that we took today, and one picture of a grizzly bear we saw at the top of the grouse grind.

                                                  bath time for grizzly bear!
heading to the temple!










I have to smile for pictures so much lately, my mouth hurts!
sure hope we got the right train this time!