Tokyo day 2

Today we went to a few shrines and to the city. First we went to a shrine for the former emperor and empress, and then we took a subway to a statue of a dog. The dog’s story was that his owner, every day would take the subway to work and the dog would walk to the subway station with him. The owner would get onto the subway, and the dog would wander around the city while the owner was at work. Over time, the dog learned the exact time that the subway arrived at the station and every day he would come running to the station to walk home with his owner. One day, the owner never came back from his job. He had passed away during work. The dog left the station, and found food on his own that night. The next day, when the subway came in, the dog was there to waiting for him. And the next day and the next. For nine years the dog waited for his master until he too passed away. True story.

So far my impression of Japan is that it has some unessasary technology. Every toilet in this place has like, ten different buttons that do ten different things, and in my opinion, toilets need to be able to flush, and that’s it. The seat warmers are nice, though.